Country: Korea
Year: 2002
Runtime: 135 Mins
Language: Japanese/Korean (subtitled)
Distributor ADV Films UK
Director: Lee Si-Myeong
Venue: Curzon SOHO
Date: Fri 30 Jan
Time: 8.00 PM

August 1945. The united nations of America and Japan win World War II, following the atomic bomb being dropped on Berlin.

Japan is prospering but anti-government terrorist attacks are prevalent across countries that have been absorbed into the Japanese Empire.
In 2009, the third largest city of the Empire is Seoul.

Korean terrorists infiltrate an exhibition hall whilst a high-ranking party is taking place; they are searching for a rare artefact with seemingly no political significance. Two JBI (Japanese Bureau of Investigation) agents, Sakamoto and his close friend, Saigo, help defeat the terrorists but Sakamoto questions the motives of the terrorists.

A conspiracy starts to be uncovered, one that may throw everything they know upside down…

With time travel, plot twists, mysticism, matrix-style fights and some fantastic set pieces in the mix, this is a stylish new sci-fi-thriller.

Please note that for technical reasons there is a 1-minute break in this movie approximately 90 minutes in.

2009 Lost Memories, an invigorating sci-fi film with Japan and South Korea collaborating to bring this blockbuster to life.