Country: UK
Year: 2002
Runtime: 49 Mins
Language: English
Distributor UK Available
Director: Barney Snow
Venue: Curzon SOHO / Other Cinema
Date: Fri 30 Jan / Sat 31 Jan
Time: 7.00PM / 6.00PM
A documentary about the lives of Gerald and Linda Polley, two residents of Fargo, North Dakota. Gerald and Linda lead a quiet, seemingly normal life in their community. Yet they also believe themselves to be the earthly spokesmen of John Lennon, and they devote much of their energy to channelling his songs back to a mortal world that does not listen.

Barney Snow, the director of this touching documentary says: "I came across the Polleys and their extraordinary mission while researching a story on people who believe themselves to inhabit or to commune with the souls of famous people. The character of John Lennon had come up a number of times by the time I heard about the Polleys.

I asked them if they'd be prepared to share their experiences which they readily agreed to do as I had called at a critical time: it was the time of the US Presidential elections which they were following closely, and which they were trying to influence with the help of John Lennon.”

The film was shot over one eventful week in November 2000. That week saw the first snow of the winter arrive in Fargo, George W. Bush and Al Gore contest the Presidential Election, and John Lennon tries to save the Heavenly Kingdom from annihilation by the dark forces."


SCI-FI-LONDON would like to thank Linda and Gerald for allowing us to use their channelled version of the song "where has eternity gone?" for our TV commercial, soon to appear on the SCi-FI Channel.

"I had in my childhood some imaginary playmates... I did't realise at the time they weren't imaginary"

Screened twice at SFL3 and Barney Snow will hold a Q&A after the Saturday screening!

LISTEN TO LINDA SING LENNON'S PRO-BUSH WAR SONG! ...."we got him in the end"