Bob Rajic is a real guy with a real band called USS Rock’n’Roll. Aside from being a guy who has a crappy band doing a video for the song “warp factor love”, he also works at a parking lot and tries to pick up Klingon chicks at conventions. Was he involved in a hit-and-run? Does someone want Bob dead? Will Bill Shatner ever answer his phone? Is this is the strange tale of one man’s obsession?

When you don't like the look of the face staring back at you in the mirror every morning, the most logical thing to do is change your face. For Bob Rajic, that new face belongs to his idol, William Shatner.

Bob's life is a joke - even to his fellow sci-fi geek friends. He¹s lead singer in a Star Trek tribute band but can¹t get laid. Even worse, he¹s not sure if he wants to bed his groupies or his band mates. Is cosmetic surgery the answer Bob is looking for, or is it just a new mask to hide the same old problems?

"Auto Destruct" is a bizarre, comic and often tragic look into the world of a man desperately unhappy in his own skin. Director James Wilkes takes the audience on a tour through a strange, unexplored corner of the Sci-Fi fandom universe populated by murderous thoughts, wigged out fans, singing Klingons, Greco-Roman wrestling and an obese transvestite Trekkie. What he ultimately shows us however is that Bob is the strangest, saddest creature of all.

check out the video for 'warp factor love' - who can resist air-guitar!