High atop the world in his remote mountain cabin, Dr. Franklin Vick is engaged in highly unethical medical research. His field of expertise: resurrection. His test subject: Adam Schmidt – a troubled medical student who volunteers to be killed again and again in the name of science.

Together, the doctor and his new assistant work in snowbound isolation. But there's a problem: Death has side effects...
One of those rare, quality sci-fi films that is low on special effects and high on ideas. Although it could be seen as a retelling of the Frankenstein story, with its experiments into reanimation and immortality, it is no Hammer horror. Shot entirely in Aspen, Colorado this is no dark and dingy horror flick, but an intimate two-hander that, apart from the exterior shots, could easily work as a piece of theatre.
That does not mean it is wordy; in fact the dialogue is quite constrained, considering the ideas it is propounding. A lot of the film shows the doctor executing his experiments on his compliant test subject, creating an engrossing and often oppressive drama that is accentuated by some excellent cinematography and incisive editing. It is extraordinary in the issues it raises about man's obsession with physical immortality and the fear of death.

Thought-provoking and free from flashy effects and camerawork, you should not miss this one

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