SCI-FI-LONDON is committed to the short form movie. Over the last couple of years we have screened some fantastic films, including the wonderful animation town of the one handed, Academy nominated Fifty Percent Grey and Bafta winner Inferno ­ shows we got good taste.

Each short film gets played with a feature at the festival and throughout the festival you can see the shorts in the Curzon SOHO's MINI-CINE.  Thanks to everyone who submitted to this year's festival. 

Junk email is so commonplace these days, most of us ignore it. But what if some of these chain letters really did work? This is a brilliant short film, telling its story succinctly and with real style. Made as part of the National 48hour Film Challenge.

Winner of SCI-FI-LONDON Best Short Film 2004 Award

Director: Scott Mann Country: UK
Runtime: 5 mins Language: English

For the first time in her life teenage girl Annie meets a real coincidence.
His name is "Boo", and Boo has never met a girl before. Fantastic animation, this student film rivals anything from the major pixel pushing studios.

Director/Animation: Johannes Weiland Country: Germany
Runtime: 15 min Language: English


London 2024. A team of Internet virus catchers battle a new breed of computer virus that threatens world destruction. This movie shows off the talents of all concerned. Slick presentation.

Director: Nicolai Amter Country: UK
Runtime: 9 mins, Language: English


Is it time travel, a moebius strip or parallel universes? It deals quite nicely with time-loops

Director: Michalis Alexakis Country: UK
Runtime: 5.30 mins Language: English


Alone in a large country house, Laura starts to see and hear things. As night falls, her psychosis intensifies to a shattering and terrifying discovery. This is a gripping tale, well told and well filmed.

Director: Oliver Knott Country: UK
Runtime: 20 mins Language: English


In a future where young boys are trained to develop powers of telekinesis, Phoenix is seen through the eyes of a janitor who washed out of the program, and a young boy who wishes to escape.

Director: Stephen Bordelon Country: USA
: 19 mins, Language: English


Human Integrated Mobile Devices, the next innovation in telecommunication. What could possibly go wrong? A marvellous an insightful film. Made as part of the National 48hour Film Challenge.

Director: Richard Cambridge Country: UK
Runtime: 4.30 mins Language: English


Two young lovers are reunited after many years aboard a remote mining station, Meteora. But what strange things does it have in mind for them. If you liked Solaris, well this is a bit like it but only 13 minutes long!

Director: Ruben Marquerie, Country: Spain
Runtime: 13 mins Language: Spanish (English subtitles)


The separation of conjoined twins and its extraordinary consequences. From the director of SCI-FI-LONDON 2’s audience award winner, The Cat With Hands comes an equally dark tale.

Director: Robert Morgan Country: UK
Runtime: 9.30 mins Language: N/A


A woman opens her door to a trick-or-treater on the night after Halloween. His parents are nowhere to be seen. Thinking the boy might be in trouble she invites him into her house. Wrong decision!

Director: Oliver Pearce Country: USA
Runtime: 8 mins Language: English