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A well presented movie from a country little known for producing sci-fi.

The year is 2078 and a female android, Ainoa, developed to maintain the balance of power, starts 'the great nuclear war'.

Members of a resistance group believe in a prophecy that 'one' among them will find Ainoa and reprogramme her so she can send a message to her creator – telling of the global devastation the war has brought.
It is said Ainoa knows how to find the Oracle, who will allow her to send a message into the past.

The resistance steals Ainoa and Yuri, their leader, takes her on a journey to find the Oracle. Along the way, the two are drawn to each other and Ainoa starts to learn about human feelings. The couple begins to question how things will be if they change events in the past – would they still be together in the present?

Ainoa is an interesting and beautiful science fiction fairy tale and love story, which questions how we affect each other, in the past and in the future. Epic in its visual style, it nods toward the great empires created by George Lucas and can be forgiven for one little naff Star Wars rip-off.

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