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Sci-Fi isn't just about space travel and aliens, it's about ideas and hypothesising alternative realities or possibilities, and if it has a strong political, social, philosophical or ideological message behind it, so much the better.

The conceit of this film is that the Confederates won the American Civil War, and one consequence of this is that slavery is correct and proper in modern America.
Presented as a TV programme, created by the British Broadcasting Service, complete with a warning to viewers of its controversial nature, it even features commercial breaks for products such as ‘Darky toothpaste’ and ‘Slave insurance’

The clever script and plausible authority of the talking heads, similar to those that appear in 'real' documentaries, give this movie its power. The use of actual historical footage, photographs and paintings, (the meaning of which are completely altered by the context), leaves the audience uncomfortably wondering what is real and what is invented.

Like any good satire, CSA makes you laugh, albeit cautiously. It is outrageous in every sense of the word, cloaking its impact with humour. Perhaps, given recent events in New Orleans, this is a timely reminder of how necessary is constant vigilance and self-scrutiny to preserve dignity, freedom and human rights.

This is the stuff of the most thought-provoking Sci-Fi, a serious and powerful piece of satire.

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