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Red Toole and his wife, Violet, are loveable serial killers. Violet is captured by the evil Baron Nefarious to become his bride, and of course he is planning to take over the world with his zombie army. Red, our hero dons his cape of human-flesh (made from his victims) to rescue the love of his life… Awwww.

On his quest he encounters the busty blonde bar owner Super-Inga, giant mosquitoes from space, mad dog-men, robots, ninjas, porn stars (veteran Jamie Gillis) and rockabilly guitarist Hasil Adkins – did we leave anything out? Oh yeah, we forgot the white hot molten cheese and half-naked zombiechicks.

Tagged as ‘The world's first serial killer superhero rock'n'roll zombie road movie romance!’, DYZB is funny, gory, and outrageous. It also has a superb soundtrack featuring THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, COUNT SMOKULA and THE PHOTON TORPEDOES.

Winner of many festival awards, FilmThreat calls it: ‘…the definitive hillbilly beer drinking horror-comedy... plenty of bare-breasted zombie vixens, violence and weird creatures… like an Ed Wood film for the hillbilly set.’

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