Presented by the INSTITUTE OF IDEAS

The Battle for the Future: who controls the future controls the present?

Science fiction gives us free rein to explore our hopes and fears for the future, and conflicting ideas about the future have an obvious bearing on what we do in the here and now. Today's concerns about the future range from global climate change to the unintended consequences of nanotechnology.

Should we pursue the possibilities of human cloning, for example? Or do we have to accept a more humble place in nature if we are to avoid catastrophe? Will it ever be possible to 'upload' our consciousnesses onto computers? Or are we destined to be ruled by robots in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world?
An eclectic panel considers the cultural and political assumptions behind the writing and re-writing of the future on the cinema screen and beyond.

Confirmed guests:

Michael Hanlon, science editor, Daily Mail; author, The Science of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Sandy Starr, technology editor, spiked-online; film reviewer, The Sun

The event is followed by a screening of SUBJECT TWO a new movie fresh from the Sundance Film Festival which deals with issues of rejuvenation, resurrection, longevity and nanotechnology.

A special price ticket is available of £15 for both events.

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