In the future, Europe is ruled by an oppressive matriarchal society, The Sisterhood of Metacontrol, who forbid any kind of physical contact between the sexes on the grounds of hygiene.

Angeline is inducted into the Sisterhood. Nono, her ‘houseboy’ and a servant to the Sisterhood spends much of his time in cyberspace viewing forbidden images of sensuality. The two of them travel together to one of the few remaining fertile areas in the North Pyrenees. But on the way back Nono stumbles into one of the illegal sexual broadcasts being taped by insurgents and they are arrested.

Atanes has an eye for unusual imagery - Anne-Céline Auché being inducted into the Sisterhood where the other women then put on rubber gloves and masking tape across their mouths before kissing her; the militant feminist sisterhood decide to blow up the Eiffel Tower because it is a phallic symbol; or where the hero comes across the revolutionaries making porn movies in the desert, with the lead actor (Antonio Vladimir) demanding motivation for his character.

Imagine Goddard’s ALPHAVILLE (1965) in high-colour or Lucas's THX 1138 (1971) conducted as a French art-house movie.

FAQ is a cold dystopian film.

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