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(The UK title for this movie is THE GOBLIN WARS, in the USA it is THE GREAT YOKAI WAR)

Strange things are happening in Japan. A calf is born with a human head and bellows, "Evil is coming!" Children are disappearing and terrifying beasts made of rusty machine parts are attacking people under the direction of a sinister mistress (Chiaki Kuriyama, KILL BILL).

At a village festival, young Tadashi is picked to assume the role of the Kirin Rider, a mythical figure meant to claim a legendary sword guarded by the Great Goblin, who lives in the local mountain. Tadashi must journey to the home of the Yokai and help overthrow a dark overlord who preys on the ghosts and goblins themselves.

The Snake-Necked Woman, the Umbrella Monster, the Great Head and the Two-Faced Woman are grotesque creatures, fixtures of ancient folklore that found new life in Japanese pop culture via TV, comics, toys and movies in the sixties.

Who has the best credentials to direct these monstrosities’ return to the big screen? Japan's master of mayhem, Takashi Miike (ICHI THE KILLER,AUDITION), seems well qualified.

The film's hallucinatory, deranged fantasy is reminiscent of H.R. Pufnstuf – but for the spurting body fluids and mechanized robots with chainsaw arms threatening the children...

This film will be a dream come true for Miike fans but don't expect AUDITION - hey, you can bring the kids!

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