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(2006, Dir. Kurt Lancaster, USA, 22mins)
This documentary explores the deeper implication of humanity's quest for space.

A look at the past through the current lens of Mars Exploration, the X-Prize, and its relationship to science fiction.

The film features interviews with Star Trek and Babylon 5's Walter Koenig, Voyager's Dick Rutan, the Mars Society's Robert Zubrin, Space Policy guru Howard McCurdy, and the author of ‘The Dream of Spaceflight’, Wyn Wachhorst.

This is a short but very interesting look at what a real Mars mission might entail and the work that the Mars Society is doing with simulations of life on the red planet.

(2006, Dir. George Willis, USA, 68mins)
Take a journey into a community of self-proclaimed UFO investigators and abductees that stretches from East Hollywood to Nevada's Area 51. Meet the man who invented the audio device that exposes alien life-forms, and take a walk around the caves in the Hollywood Hills.

This documentary contains exclusive interviews and declassified government footage which may shock and disturb you.

Viewer discretion is advised – okay, viewer enjoyment is advised.

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