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Accidents will happen when Cami, an unpopular science student, loses one of her genetically-altered insects.

A sexy and comic SF/horror movie, which won Best Creature Feature at Arizona's 2005 International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, concerns a sorority house that becomes invaded by giant insects when a student's science project goes awry.

The housemates spray the remaining insects with bug-spray to kill them, only to find they grow to human size!

The cast includes Meghan Heffern (The Fog, 2005), Rhonda Dent (The 4400) and Samantha MacLeod.

Insecticidal is cheesy and low-tech and it's not afraid to admit it. It's a hilarious film that doesn't take itself seriously, and flaunts its exploitative low-grade science fiction in your face at every possible occasion… not that we're complaining, mind you.

‘Insecticidal is a throwback to '50s monster movies, combined with cheeky humor, sexy chicks and clever special effects’. - Fangoria

This is a true schlock movie – bugs, blood, guts, knives, cleavage, a Jacuzzi and pizza!

A Spoof this is not (we really dont like spoofs at SFL) - a B-movie this is!

The B-movie is alive and well and as great as ever!

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