It is the 23rd Century and after the world was been decimated by a holocaust, a new society has sealed itself in vast domed cities.

People live lives of languid pleasure but to maintain population controls, the computer systems running the city decree that no one can live beyond thirty.

But there are those who refuse to accept death and become 'Runners', seeking the mythical place of asylum known as Sanctuary. An elite force, known as Sandmen, has been created to stop and hunt the Runners.

Logan (Michael York), a Sandman, enjoys his hedonistic life but one day catches a Runner and finds an Ankh charm. The city's controlling computer accelerates the lifeclock of 26 year old Logan and orders him to find Sanctuary.

Logan is unsure of his loyalty, but with the help of Jessica, runs. While being pursued by his best friend and comrade Francis, Logan escapes outside the city, and they soon realise the true nature of their world.

A lot of the science fiction film made in the 1970s doesn't stand the test of time. But Logan's Run looks wonderful and has real style, proving to be an entertaining and enjoyable trip back to the strange world of 1976.

Why not combine seeing this seventies classic with joining our sci-fi pub quiz beforehand?


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