In a near future where technology has been outlawed, Walter, a reclusive scientist, builds an android in his own image to do chores and keep him company.

Walter manages to program self-awareness into the robot and implants some of his own memories and character traits to give him a personality, affectionately naming him Puzzlehead.

When out shopping one day, Puzzlehead saves the life of a young woman, Julia, in a local shop during an armed hold-up. She befriends him, much to the annoyance of Walter, who has been 'watching' her from afar; and so begins a complex love triangle.

The inventor and the android look identical and each is trying to outsmart the other for the affections of the girl. When Walter impersonates Puzzlehead to pursue Julia himself, the android and his maker are drawn into a sinister spiral of passion and betrayal. Does creating something in our own image mean transmitting intrinsically violent and emotional human flaws?

Shot entirely on location around Brooklyn, it manages to capture a world that looks abandoned, with empty streets and shops enhancing the lead characters' alienation.

The subdued mood of the film is augmented by the low-contrast and muted cinematography.

PUZZLEHEAD is to robot movies what PRIMER is to time travel – a sci-fi movie for grown ups that explores the uneasy relations between man and machine.


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