Two scientists volunteer to be guinea pigs in a cryogenic hibernation experiment.

The plan is to freeze them for three years. However, whilst in cryogenic suspension, World War III breaks out and all life is wiped out on the surface of the Earth.
They are eventually woken up to discover fifty years have gone by and they are the only living males in a new, underground society run exclusively by women.
Max used to be macho womaniser and finds himself in heaven. Albert, a serious scientist, on the other hand, is naïve about love and sex but willing to learn – as are the Amazonian women who inhabit this world who, after a kiss, turn into pliant kittens. The Council of Women will decide the men's fate.

The leaders, through a system of propaganda, human control and skewed history, focus on how ‘males’ were evil – at one point our protagonists are told that Einstein was a woman and a ‘man named Cain invented murder and tested it on his sister Abel.’ However, the men manage to instil doubt in one woman who helps them discover that not all is as it seems.

Beneath the comedy and excessive nudity lies
a scathing satire on totalitarian régimes and blind fanaticism. Just fabulous.

This screening is presented by WALLFLOWER PRESS, publishers of excellent film books including THE BLADERUNNER EXPERIENCE, THE JOHN CARPENTER FILM READER and THE CINEMA OF CENTRAL EUROPE.

Books will be on sale at the festival.

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