Just as Godzilla was the first of Japan's giant monsters, Tetsujin-28 was the first of Japan's giant robots – although he is better known as GIGANTOR.

Invented during World War II to defeat the Allied forces, the mighty mechanical warrior, Tetsujin-28, was bombed into oblivion before he could be unleashed. Years later, he is discovered by the son of his inventor, Shotaro.

When the mysterious Black Ox, another giant robot with detachable limbs and a bad attitude, begins to terrorize Tokyo no-one can stop him... except, perhaps, Tetsujin-28. But the poor robot has been trapped underground, rusting away into oblivion ever since his inventor, and Shotaro's father, disappeared.

Now Shotaro's grandfather brings the child to an underground lab, making him take the remote control in his hand, and telling him that he must pilot the robot. Could this be a chance for Shotaro to get his own back on the school bullies, and save Tokyo at the same time?

Unconventional and surprising, this brightly-coloured comic book of a movie is fun all the way.

The scenes of giant robots slugging it out in the heart of downtown Tokyo will remain in your imagination forever.

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