Writing about the plot of this movie is hard because it is very easy to give away the twists and turns contained in the plot… but here goes.

Thierry, a naïve white, student from rural
Quebec and Henri, a black, urban musician are roommates in Montreal. Out for a night on the town, Henri negotiates some ‘intimate services’ for the pair of them.

Back at the girls’ ‘hotel’, Thierry spend his time talking, revealing how he really hates red heads and is repulsed by ‘their pale skin’. He hears agonised screams coming from Henri's room down the hall and, kicking the door in, finds Henri wielding a knife and fighting off his escort. He is bleeding profusely from a wound on his neck. The pair run, concoct a story about Henri being attacked by skinheads and put the event behind them.

Soon after, Thierry meets Claire. Despite himself, he is oddly fixated by the red headed musician and they begin a passionate relationship. Thierry is ecstatically happy until he meets Claire's family and recognises her sister as Henri's attacker.

Thierry starts to understand how little he knows about Claire and her mysterious blood ties.

Beautifully shot and well performed this film is a freshly unique genre movie. Starting as a chilly meditation on race and skin colour,

White Skin twists into something very unexpected

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