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Ep. 3.03 - The Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2010

Ep. 3.03 - The Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2010 In the first of this year's podcasts recorded at the most recent Sci-Fi London Graham Sleight and Alex Fitch talk to nominees for this year's Arthur C. Clarke awards for SF literature and Graham also discusses this year's short list with critic Niall Harrison. Authors discussing their work include China Mieville, Gwyneth Jones and Adam Roberts...
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Ep. 3.02 - Cynical love songs and Tiny Daleks

Ep. 3.02 - Cynical love songs and Tiny Daleks Alex Fitch discusses with Doctor Who writer and World Fantasy Award winner (for his collection Tiny Deaths) Rob Shearman the cruelty of Daleks, short stories in the style of Roald Dahl and the disappearance of Luxembourg!
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Interlude: Greg Pak on "Panel Borders"

Interlude: Greg Pak on Alex Fitch talks to writer / director Greg Pak about his work, including Mister Green, the winner of this year's best short film at Sci-Fi London, his feature Robot Stories which screened at SFL in 2004 and his work on Marvel Comics such as the Incredible Hulk which has recently been adapted into an animated film called Planet Hulk.
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Universal Soldier 3: Regeneration

Universal Soldier 3: Regeneration Van Damme and Lundgren back together again.

Marc Caro Q & A from SFL8

Marc Caro Q & A from SFL8 Marc Caro talks about The City of Lost Children in a couple of podcasts recorded at SFL8

Ep. 3.01 - The City of Lost Children

Ep. 3.01 - The City of Lost Children In the last of our podcasts recorded at last year's Sci-Fi London: a Q and A recorded before and an interview recorded after a screening of The City of Lost Children. Alex Fitch talks to Marc Caro about co-directing the film with Jean-Pierre Jeunet , the art of making children cry on screen and the risk of burning his actors with the lights of an over eager cinematographer! Please note: the show is in English and French with translation by Virginie Selavy.
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Interlude: Marc Caro on "Panel Borders"

Interlude: Marc Caro on Alex Fitch talks to director Marc Caro about working in comics and film, how his colleagues Jean Pierre Jeunet and Pitof fared in America making Alien Resurrection and Catwoman respectively and what it was like making his first film -Dante 01 - without his famous Delicatessen collaborator. The interview was recorded before and after a screening of The City of Lost Children at Sci-Fi London.
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Anime round-up 04/04/10

Anime round-up 04/04/10 Romeo X Juliet concludes and The Slayers get two more box-sets

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