The Lies Of Locke Lamora

A rip-roaring, romp of a tale, beautifully written with such verve and panache that you will hang on every syllable.

Stealing Light

Gary Gibson's third book has the depth and scale of a writer coming into his own and growing in confidence.

Prador Moon

Less layered than some of Neal Asher's other work but no less thoughtful, Prador Moon is a quick and dirty read, chock-full of action and thrills.

Wildwood Dancing

A beautifully written and thoroughly engaging fairy tale based on the classic 'twelve dancing princesses'.

The Family Trade

A fairly standard 'parallel worlds sub-genre' novel? Maybe not...

Prophecy Of Swords

Prophecy of Swords weaves all the right ingredients into a rich, heroic fantasy with a twisting, turning plot that carves its own original take on the genre.

Old Man’s War

I was surprised to find out that Old Man's War is John Scalzi's debut novel, such is it's confidence, intelligence and wit.

Into A Dark Realm

UPDATE: Well written and engaging in parts, but the whole is... well read the review here