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It’s simple, we want more UK sci-fi movies to be made. So we collected story and FX experts together to help you create fantastic film. Good sci-fi does not need lots of special effects, huge budgets for costumes and sets, good sci-fi starts with the story.  So, to kick off the morning we present Elisabeth Pinto to talk script development.

Elisabeth has worked as a freelance script reader and editor for companies including Impact Pictures (EVENT HORIZON, AVP, RESIDENT EVIL). and produced many award-winning short films. As well as talking about EEL GIRL, a short that premieres at this year’s festival, she will also be dissecting the award-winning NIGHT OF THE HELL HAMSTERS (15mins, Paul Campion, UK).

Learn about :
SOUND with Finn Curry, up and coming Sound Designer who has just finished BEYOND THE RAVE, for Hammer, out in May 2008.

MAKE-UP EFFECTS with Laura Phipps who has worked on many short and feature projects doing everything from gunshot wounds to drowned bodies via demons and goddesses.

DIGITAL EFFECTS with Max Dennison who was Head of matte painting on the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and has worked on many short films including NIGHT OF THE HELL HAMSTERS.

We also have demos from the event's sponsor, MOVIESTORM.CO.UK, showcasing their brilliant 3D machinima software (great for storyboarding!). Check it out, at the moment the software is completely free!

£20 for 3 hours – we think this is pretty good value and hope you will bring us some new sci-fi films for the 2009 festival.

UPDATE: We have just confirmed that Sean and Matthew Kohnen (Writer and Director team of WASTING AWAY, the wickedly funny Zombie movie premiering at the festival) will be on-hand to talk about action effects and give some other practical tips. Matt, also teaches the Master's Course at the New York Film Academy, si he knows his sh*t.


Screening Times

Sat 3rd May
elisabeth pinto at sci-fi-london