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SCI-FI-LONDON: prefers paperless entries submitted via The International Film Festival Submission System (BrigitFest) - on the web at

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About submitting

Submitting to SCI-FI-LONDON is free and always will be.

It is also a simple process.  Join, submit your movie via their system, send us a DVD screener.  We watch it, if we think it fits the line-up then it is in! 

We do not normally have budget to bring cast, crew, producers or directors to London but we do have beer, candy and goodies and we have been told our festival is the friendliest in the world! If you can make it to the festival let us know, you will be very welcome.

So, send us your movie!



A short film for us is between 1 and 15 minutes. It is extremely rare that we screen anything longer than 15 minutes. We like to show short films and prefer to show 5 good 5 minute ones than one long 25 minute film.

A SCI-FI-LONDON policy is that every feature film is presented with at least one short film from our selection, even World Premieres (Ken Russell's THE FALL OF THE LOUSE OF USHER, Japanese animation MALICE DOLL, Phil Leirness' SPECTRES and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's 28 WEEKS LATER) at the festival all screened with a short film.

In 2003 we introduced our Audience Award and we have had an amazing response to the short films in the festival.

As well as shorts being screened with features, we screen them altogether at our 'blink of an eye' shorts screenings. These are always sold out!

In our first year we had some fantastic short films submitted. The "best short film" award was given to BAFTA nominated INFERNO directed by Paul Kousalides and starring Nitin Ganatra, Sanjeev Bashkar and Emily Booth.

Year two we gave the Best short to a fantastic animation called TOWN OF THE ONE-HANDED by Heli Ellis and the audience voted for THE CAT WITH HANDS by Robert Morgan as best short.

Year three saw an excellent short called CHAINGANGS by Scott Mann take SCI-FI-LONDON's Best Short. This film was made in 48 hours as part of a competition held in 2003. The audience vote went to ANNIE & BOO by Johannes Weiland. This is an amazing final year piece by German animator Weiland, watch out for him!


We want your movies!!! - It is tough sometimes to convince the big distributors to put a movie in to a festival, especially when they see it as genre and maybe a bit "geeky". Well, if we are geeks, we are proud :) - But we do have a great festival and a good crowd. They are intelligent and have great taste in movies... maybe that's what some film makers are afraid of? a bad reception??

Rest assured Mr Big Studio, a screening at SCI-FI-LONDON will get you one of the most honest reactions from a paying audience. And for all you independents... we are a great place to showcase your film. Over our short history we have screened many films that have been picked up for theatrical and DVD releases: Avalon, Versus, Wild Zero, American Astronaut, Cube 2, Cube Zero, Stranded, Slipstream, Spectres, Recon 2020, Paprika, Steamboy and 28 Weeks Later to name but a few.

For studio feature film and documentary submissions please contact Louis or Tony directly, otherwise log in to

As the Festival's reputation for programming a variety of exciting and independent films grows year by year, its core intention remains to be fun and inclusive and break down the misconceptions of what sci-fi encompasses - help us by sending your film!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your film.