Big Screen

Batman Begins – the Dark Knight finally arrives!

Not pure SF, but of interest to readers of this site I'm sure, DC-Time-Warner have rebooted the last successful cinematic franchise they had to compete with Marvel Films' dominance of the last four summers. Is this a suitable Bats for the 21st century multiplex? Hugh K. David reports.

The Descent – the best horror movie this year?

Neil 'Dog Soldiers' Marshall is back, and this time he pits six women against unknow forces in the wild. Hugh K.David reports back from the Frightfest-hosted London Premiere. It's not Dog Soldiers 2, honest guv!

War of the Worlds – review

Garth Franklin of Dark gives us his opinion on this eagerly awaited blockbuster movie.

Has the Spielburg/Cruise collaboration come up with a summer smash or a treacle covered effect-fest?

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