The F.A.Q

Who can take part?
The competition is open to all secondary schools, further education colleges, universities, film schools and recognised youth groups in the UK.

Registration is done online and entrants must be part of a named organisation or club, no individuals may take part.

How does it fit into the National Curriculum
The competition takes place October – December 2004, this is the “practical term” for secondary schools
You should also note that science fiction texts are part of this academic year (2001 & Fahrenheit 451).

The competition is open to Year 10 and up in secondary schools. Further and Higher educational establishments, film clubs and youth groups can enter but they must be recognised organisations.

When does it take place?
The teacher’s pack and all resources will be online from 13 September 2004 at

Completed films must be returned to SCI-FI-LONDON by 1 December 2004.

Judging takes place in January 2005. The winner’s will be informed in January and invited to attend a premiere screening at the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival at London’s Curzon SOHO cinema.

How long must the film be?
Your film must not be longer than five minutes, this does not includes titles and credits.

In what format should be film be submitted?
We can accept MiniDV or VHS tape, CD-ROM (Media player, Real, Quicktime, Flash etc), SVCD, VCD or DVD.

Bear in mind we will want to screen the winning films in a cinema and low quality VHS and digital formats look terrible when blown up. Try to make sure you have a good quality version of your film, just in case.

What about copyright?
By entering the competition you are agreeing to the competition rules. These include granting us a non-exclusive worldwide licence to the completed film.

You also agree to indemnify us against any third party action arising from screening, duplicating or otherwise exploiting the completed film – this means that you have cleared all images, music, script, have signed clearances from the cast and permission from schools, parents and head teachers if necessary.

What will you do with the completed film?
There is the possiblilty of screening at the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival, having the movie streamed online on a variety of websites, broadscast on the SCI.FI Channel etc. You must make sure that your film is copyright cleared and parents and head teachers give permission where necessary.

What are the prizes?
We have a number of great prizes lined-up and these will appear online over the coming months. However, we can confirm that the winning films will have a premiere screening at the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival.

Who is judging the competition?
We have a number of pencilled Celebrities, filmmakers, and bigwigs from the world of SCI-FI, again watch the website for full details.

Are you offering and equipment or funding?
Not this year. To take part your organisation must have its own equipment and facilities. We will have a registered members forum online where you could post a message asking for help. But bear in mind everyone taking part is also gathering their own kit , crew and making their own sandwiches!

What happens to our film after the competition is over?
We cannot return your completed film unless you send us a stamped addressed envelope. However, we will look at donating all the MiniDV tapes to a film club or youth organisation. If you are interested in some used tapes let us know!.

In terms of the actual films, we will put as many as we can online, look at trying to get a selection put on a DVD and cover-mounted with some magazines, broadcast on TV, entered to festivals, regional screenings and so on. Nothing guaranteed, but we again do need your film to be copyright cleared and all permissions given.

Is this going to be an annual event?
We hope so. Plans are to keep it a part of the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival and run it every year.

We are based outside the UK can we take part?
Not this year, although we may extend the competition next year.

I am an independent filmmaker and want to take part, can I?
Not as an individual. To enter the competition you must register through a school, college, university, and film school or youth group. All those involved in the production must be under 26. Teachers, tutors and others over 26 may be involved but not credited in the production.



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