Comedy and Satire in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Comedy and Satire in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Main Image

What makes the sci-fi/fantasy genre different when it comes to writing comedy? What can you do in the genre that you cannot do in straightforward fiction? And if we are doomed, are we likely to go out with a gag? These uniquely funny writers share some insight on the challenges of writing comedy in a sci-fi/fantasy setting.

Panel discussion with:

  • Robert Rankin
  • Nick Harkaway
  • Neil Gardner
  • Dirk Maggs

Followed by Robert Rankin's The Brightonomicon - LIVE

The Brightonomicon is a hilarious sci-fi / comedy drama that relocates the Necromomicon to modern day Brighton. We're proud to present an on stage live performance of the BBC radio adaptation featuring Robert Rankin himself, producer Neil Gardner as the Narrator and other members of the original cast (TBC).

Screening Times

Sun 3rd May


Tom Hunter

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