If you are disappointed with Hollywood attempts at Asian cinema, such as NINJA ASSASSIN, you are better off sticking with the originals. Some of the most original Asian cinema is coming out of Korea, such as last year’s fantastic THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD and THIRST. In similar vein to OLD BOY, or some of Takeshi Kitano’s gangster films, comes BREATHLESS. Produced by writer-director YANG Ik-june, who also plays the lead role, it is the story of is a lowlife gangster, a debt collector exercising thuggish ways to collect his money. The recipient of nothing but anger since his childhood, he expresses himself through violence.

When he finally encounters someone who can stand up to him, feisty school-girl Yoon-hee (Kim Kkobbi, recipient of multiple Best Actress awards for this role) they become unlikely friends. Together, they try to change their lives, to escape the confines of society’s periphery; change and escape never comes that easily though.

The film is showing in cinemas around the UK from January 29. Full screening details are available here