Venue: Curzon SOHO
Date: SAT 31 JAN
Time: 11.30PM

ALIENS ‘N’ PREDATORS  Saturday 31 January, 11.45pm

It’s midnight and what better way to spend the night than in the company of some of the scariest sci-fi movies around?

Join us for free Red Bull, Ben & Jerry's and donuts courtesy of Greggs the Baker. By morning you will have soiled something so bring a fresh change of clothes. Not for the faint-hearted. Ends around 8.30am! Nice.

Event Horizon
Dir. Paul W Anderson, UK/USA 1997, 95 mins, English
It’s 2047 and the missing experimental spaceship ‘Event Horizon’ re-appears. When a rescue team boards the ship, they learn it has been somewhere beyond space and brought something back. This movie clearly splits us into those who love and those who hate it… either way it is scary, gory and jolly good fun to watch late at night.

Pitch Black
Dir. David Twohy, USA 2000, 110 mins, English
Vin Diesel plays Riddick, a killer being transported to a new jail. But oh dear, the ship crash lands on a planet full of nasty night-time bugs… this is a kick-ass movie that looks great, one to see on the big screen for sure!

The Thing
Dir. John Carpenter, USA 1982, 109 mins, English
What can we say, next to Alien, this is one of the best sci-fi/horror movies ever made. Great dialogue, cool effects and very scary even if you have seen it 100 times.

Resident Evil
Dir. Paul W Anderson, UK 2002,100 mins, English
If you missed this at the cinema, see it with us at 4 in the morning – a solid game-to-movie adaptation, very slick, well shot and surprisingly good.


Free Redbull, ice cream and donuts for breakfast included in the ticket price. All for just £20!