SCI-FI-LONDON could not happen without the support of everyone involved in the running and production of the event and, of course, the audience.

We want to especially thank the following people and organisations:

Luke and Gavin at MisterJolly Productions for our trailer, commercial and general technical help
Tony Watts
Tony Jones at Picturehouse
Suzanne Gorman at catalytic communication
Jon, Emily, Bryan and all at Greenroom-Digital
Frazer Nash Communications
Rob Kenny, Mick Stephens and all the fabulous staff
at the Curzon SOHO
Melanie, Paul and all at the Other Cinema
Joe Bateman
Robert Grant, for always being there
Shaun Farrell
Cormac Donnelly for pulling his finger out
Paul Griggs at thecapitol
Jonathan Clements
The Crown Club – all those who come and go
Rebecca Edwards for being the first true believer
Gerry Malir and the artsmagic crowd – always in touch
and full of little gems
Danny Payne at Palm Pictures (Manga) – always finds a way
Terry Dwyer for his continued support
Nick, Rhona and Hannah
Tom & Chris at M2Cmedia
Astrid and Idoida at makeUP
Lorraine Savy – the unofficial bogofler
Andrea at the Margolis Group
All those online linkers and gossipers - thanks
Without wanting to be too slushy, I’d like to dedicate this year’s festival to my beautiful daughter Lily Alexandra.

Thanks also to our advertisers and sponsors:
2000AD, Red Bull, MVC, SKY Movies, SCI-FI Channel,, café media, mnet, Ben and Jerry’s, Prism Leisure, Anchor Bay, Eastern Eye, Creation, ADV Films, Black Ice, Film Education, Sony, JVC.

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