The UK's only dedicated science fiction and fantasy film festival. - scifi, sci-fi, The UK's only dedicated science fiction and fantasy film festival. - scifi, sci-fi,

Final Lineup of SFL3 is below, click the movie title or image for a full description.  As always we think it is a great selection. Remember to book early most screenings are sold out well in advance. Click here for a printable timetable of all events.


Spectres                                            GALA WORLD PREMIERE

Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Dean Haglund (The Lone Gunmen) star in this eerie tale - "kill her or commit her?  Is that the only choice"

2004.  110 mins (TBC)  English  WORLD Premiere

2009 Lost Memories

2009 Lost Memories, a completely new and invigorating sci-fi film with Japan and South Korea collaborating to bring this blockbuster to life.

2002. 135mins. Japanese/Korean (subtitled) UK Premiere


Luminal will grab you by the senses, a creative blend of sci-fi, sex and violence in an intense experience, filled with beautiful and disturbing images.

2003.  86 mins.  English/French (Subtitled) UK Premiere

Battlestar Galactica                          Sorry, it's by Invitation only

Presented by Universal and Sky Movies.  The first episode of the new two-part mini-series which airs in February.  You can win tickets to this free event, click for more.

2004.  110 mins (TBC)  English  Press and VIP screening

Tamala 2010

If Philip K. Dick had been hired to write a Hello Kitty feature, the results would probably have looked something like Tamala 2010.  ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS!

2003.  92 mins.  Japanese (Subtitled).  London Premiere

Natural City

Don't miss this stunning action packed movie.  Like Bladerunner for 2004 - this movie has the ultimate in effects, stunts and ultra-cool style

2003.  114 mins.  Korean (Subtitled). UK Premiere

Robot Stories

Winner of 22 awards, this is sci-fi at its purest.  Four intelligent stories dealing with the human condition. 

2003.  85 mins.  English.  UK Premiere

Sirens of the 23rd Century

When Rocky Horror meets Pricilla Queen of the Desert! - Sharp dialogue, bitchy drag queens and bathing beauties - priceless

2002.  86 mins.  English.  UK Premiere

Invasion Animé

Trekkers for Animé fans - informative and fun, and who knows even the most knowledgable fan might learn something

2002.  90 mins.  English.  UK Premiere

Where has eternity gone?

A documentary about the lives of Gerald and Linda Polley, esidents of Fargo, North Dakota. They also believe themselves to be the earthly spokesmen of John Lennon, and they devote their energy to channeling his songs back to a mortal world.

2002.  49 mins.  English. 

Full Metal Yakuza

Takeshi MIIKE has done it again, a madcap combination of brutality, bondage, comedy and tongue torture, if you are a fan of Miike films then this will be right up your street.  The bastard offspring of Robocop and Ichi

1997.  102mins.  Japanese (Subtitled).  UK Premiere. 

Nadesico The Movie

Three years after the end of a prolonged solar war, the Jovian Lizard menace has been dealt with at last, peace has returned, only for a new kind of war to break out on the frontier...

1998.  90 mins.  Japanese (subtitled). 

Gamera: Attack of Legion

He’s tough, he’s 200 feet tall, he’s a flying turtle! – the original and only credible hero in a half shell.
Fantastic monster movie

1996.  100 mins.  Japanese (Subtitled) 

Dean Haglund's X-Files Improv        LIVE STAND UP COMEDY

A first for us, some stand-up comedy!  Actor and comedian Dean Haglund, known to us as the Lone Gunman from the X-Files, is a veteran stand-up.  Here we present his one-man show where you help create a unique X-Files episode - funny stuff!

2004.  60 mins.  English... well mostly 

Allnighters and Doubles

Aliens 'N' Predators                                           Curzon Allnighter 1

We present some nasty bugs, beasts and biters in this all-night programme.
Event Horizon
John Carpenter's - The Thing
Pitch Black
Resident Evil

Sushi Royale with Cheese                                 Curzon Allnighter 2

Japanese horror, high camp and total gore... great mix..
Goke, Body snatcher from Hell
Battle Heater
The Spiral
Full Metal Yakuzal

Late Night Double Bill                            Curzon late night double bill

Not quite all-night, but late enough and two fantastic movies... grrrrrrr
Dog Soldiers
Brotherhood of the Wolf

Anime Allnight                                             Other Cinema allnighter

Manga wall, Jpop, red bull, and some classic anime... come Otaku, come all.
Nadesico the Movie
Ghost in the Shell
Kai Doh Maru
Voices for a Distant Star - read more

Curzon Sunday Double Bill                          Curzon SOHO Double Bill

Skip the roast, grab some popcorn and join us for a couple of very interesting SF movies - very different in style.
28 Days Later
The X-Files Movie



Underrated and quite fantastic robot movie from the early 80s.  Max 404 is a great character and probably the droid that influenced Star Trek's Data.

1982.  80 mins.  English

Forbidden Planet                                  RARE 35mm SCREENING

The greatest sci-fi movie ever made?  Well, it certainly influenced many epics that followed.   See the original Robbie The Robot in this reworking of Shakespear's The Tempest.  We have the only 35mm print in Europe!
1956.  98 mins.  English

The Dark Crystal                                 SATURDAY MORNING PICTURES

The brilliance of Jim Henson and Brian Froud's creative juices,  Kids £5, adults Free!  Come along and see this classic on the big screen. 

1982.  93 mins.  English

Sideshow Events

The Douglas Adams Memorial Debate   LETS TALK ABOUT SEX!

Our annual debate this year poses the question "how much does sex drive technology?" - join our panel as they debate, inform and amuse.

Curzon SOHO, 5.00pm  Sat 31st

TEAM 1 - Focus screening                       FREE EVENT

Boy meets Girl director, Ray Brady, is making a British Martial Arts/Sci-fi movie.  We get to see test trailers, effects scenes and quiz Ray on the UK film business.

Curzon SOHO, 10.00 am  Sat 31st - nice and early

Shorts @ Six                      

We have another great selection of short films to show you.  Either come along to the free mini-cine at the Curzon Bar, or book tickets to see them on the big screen

Curzon SOHO,