Venue: Curzon SOHO
Date: SAT 31 JAN
Time: 11.30PM

Why not try a late-night double bill instead of staying up allnight? We kick off at 11.30pm and finish around 4.00am.

Free Redbull, Ben & Jerry's and all for a tenner!

Dir. Neil Marshall, UK 2002,   Runtime: 105 mins, English

Prince Charles is rumoured to have described this film as “absolutely f**king ace” and we are inclined to agree. It is an unoriginal idea, told in the same old way, using low budget special effects with an average cast. Yet somehow it all gels in the right way to make one fantastic fun-filled movie.

If you missed this at the cinema first time around… well shame on you – come and see it here and in a double-bill with the fabulous...

BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (Le Pacte des loups)
Dir. Christophe Gans, France 2001,   Runtime: 139mins,
French (subtitled)

In 1765 a mysterious creature was stalking the mountains of southern France, a ‘beast’ ferociously attacking humans and animals alike. Indeed the beast became so notorious that the King dispatched envoys to hunt and to kill the creature. The Beast of Gevaudan had killed over 100 people, to this day yet no one is entirely sure what it was. Wolf? Hyena? Or something supernatural?


SCRATCH N SNIFF... Beats any club night in London for adrenalin and consistent entertainment.