Venue: Curzon SOHO
Date: SAT 31 JAN
Time: 11.45PM

"SUSHI ROYALE WITH CHEESE" Saturday 31 January, 11.30pm

This collection of movies from Artsmagic will have you pinned to your seats, make you laugh out loud and possibly make a few of you rush to the toilets.

Miike madness, Iito insanity and Sato stupidity – how loud can you scream? Ticket price includes all 4 movies, Red Bull, ice-cream and donuts for breakfast – healthy!

Full Metal Yakuza (Dir. Takashi Miike, Japan 1997)
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Goke – bodysnatcher from hell
Dir. Hajiime Sato, Japan 1968, 84 mins, Japanese (subtitled)
A hijacked plane crashes in the desert; an alien invader turns one survivor into a bloodsucker who then attacks his fellow passengers, going on a killing spree. Whilst very 60s in feel and little camp, this is a scary movie and a fun ride. We loved it.

Battle Heater
Dir. Joji Iida, Japan 1990, 96 mins, Japanese (subtitled)
A commendable mixing of witty sitcom and technofear sci-fi fantasy, presented in the 'anything goes' style of live-action Manga narrative. Like Number Five in Short Circuit (1986), the Kotatsu (a very japanese device – basically a coffee table with a heater built in) spontaneously comes to life (though thankfully without the irritating comedy chatter!)

The Spiral (aka Rasen)
Dir. Joji Iida, Japan 1998, 97 mins, Japanese (subtitled)
Suzuki Koji's novel Ring has spawned a whole Japanese horror movie cycle, about the chilling tale of the videotape that means almost certain death for those who watch it. The Spiral is the latest Japanese addition to the series, based on the second novel in Koji's trilogy and can be more viscerally horrific than Ring ever was.

Free Redbull, Ben & Jerry's and donuts for breakfast included in the ticket price. All for just £20!