Country: Japan
Year: 2002
Runtime: 28 Mins
Language: Japanese (subtitled)
Distributor ADV FIlms
Director: Makato Shinkai
Venue: OTHER Cinema
Date: Fri 30 Jan
Time: Anime Allnighter

a Japanese animated short film created by animation prodigy Makoto Shinkai using a spectacular blend of traditional cel and lush computer-generated (CG) animation... this was basically done in the guy's bedroom!!!

“Voices of a Distant Star” is, independent of its creation, an extraordinarily beautiful film, telling a tale of two lovers torn apart by tides of war and millions of miles of interstellar space.

The fact that the film was written, directed and animated by Shinkai, using only a Macintosh G4/400 computer and assorted consumer- and professional-level design and animation programs, makes “The Voices of A Distant Star” an even greater achievement. Only the music (composed by Tenmon) and voice acting were not performed by Shinkai - and the song is a bit cheesy, like many anime songs !

On the strength of “Voices of a Distant Star,” Shinkai won the prestigious “Most Valuable Newcomer” award at the 2002 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

The Story:
When a mysterious alien force begins their annihilation of the human race, a young pilot feels called to join the resistance. But the danger of an interstellar battle is not Mikako’s greatest concern.

For she has left behind the one young man she loves. And as Mikako flies further into deep space, her only way to connect with Noboru is by cell-phone text messages. While Mikako risks her life to save mankind, Noboru waits.

At first days, then months, then years for each new message that will let him know whether Mikako is still alive. And while she barely grows older in the timelessness of space, Noboru ages.

How can the love of two young people, torn apart by war, survive?To what distance would you go…for your one, true love?

If you are into animation of any kind, this is something not to miss, it is a great example of real talent.