Date: FRI 30 JAN
Time: 11.00 PM

Join us for the annual animé allnighter at the Other Cinema. Arrive around 11.00pm and make your mark on the Manga Wall (we provide the pens, you provide the talent!).

Nadesico: The Motion Picture
Dir. Tatsuo Sato.  Japan 1998 See separate listing.

Ghost in the shell
Dir. Mamoru Oshii. Japan 1995,
Runtime 82 mins, Japanese (subtitled)

It is a darker animé tale aimed towards a more mature audience. You will enjoy the amazing realism of this film. The attention to detail is definitely enjoyable to see. Even being 9 years old, it still stands up for itself.

Kai Doh Maru
Dir. Kani Wakabayashi, Japan 2001, 
Runtime 45mins, Japanese (subtitled)

This movie has standout moments - the white-haired demon boy is suitably creepy, and his nonchalant slaughter is striking. Does it feel a little unfinished? Make your mind up whether IG, who produced Blood The Last Vampire, have done it again.

Voices from a Distant Star
Dir. Makoto Shinkai, Japan 2002,
Runtime 30mins, Japanese (subtitled)

This is an amazing piece of work considering it was made by one guy in his bedroom. The story is engaging, the artwork easy on the eye and the mecha scenes as good as they get. A fine animé: short and sweet.

Patlabor the Movie
Dir. Mamoru Oshii, Japan 1990,
Runtime 100 mins, 35mm, English (DUBBED)

A mysterious suicide and a series of unmanned robot runaways spark off a police investigation into suspicious software on-board thousands of industrial robots. .. ah you know the rest.


Free Redbull, Ben & Jerry's and donuts for breakfast included in the ticket price. All for just £20!