Venue: Curzon SOHO
Date: Sat 31 Jan
Time: 5.00PM


With thanks to the Estate of Douglas Adams, our annual panel debate continues in 2004. This year we pose the question:

How much does sex drive technology?

The VHS player’s outstanding and speedy acceptance is said to be due to the porn industry adopting this format over BetaMax.  Traffic on the Internet, it’s said, is 90% porn… So the sex industry seems to certainly embrace technology.

From the earliest days of science fiction the robot has been used as a catalyst, a metaphor and focus of our dreams and aspirations. But are all those dreams primal and sexual?

How quickly will Sony's first humanoid robot be hacked and upgraded with unisex attachments - ‘Your plastic pal who’s fun to be with’? Could a computer give one satisfying sex? And what happened to the promised Virtual Reality sex suit?

Join Jonathan Clements (Chair) and our panel of experts as they debate, inform and amuse. Audience participation encouraged!

Panel includes:
MARK BENNETT - Fetish expert and designer of the cybersex suit
STELARC - Australian tech artist www.stelar.va.com.au
GREG PAK - Director of Robot Stories
DAVE GREEN- Need To Know www.ntk.net
Dr RACHEL ARMSTRONG - author of Sci/Fi Aesthetics & Space Architecture

Others panellists to be confirmed. As always, please check here for latest details.

Presented in conjunction with
Black Ice Media.

Your plastic pal who is fun to be with!

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