Country: UK/France
Year: 2003
Runtime: 86 Mins
Language: English/French (subtitled)
Distributor Hadaly Pictures
Director: Andrea Vecchiato
Venue: OTHER Cinema
Date: Sun 1 Feb
Time: 7.00PM

Based on Isabella Santacroce’s notorious ‘Luminal’, last year’s most celebrated Italian novel, this is the story of Demon and Davi, eighteen-year-old, high-class hookers in a futuristic Paris. They sleep through the day and come alive at night. They have a pet bat and they do drugs… a lot of drugs.

French actor Denis Lavant (Beau travail, Les Amants du Pont Neuf) is RYU, their schizophrenic pimp and mentor. He controls the lives of the two teenagers, making them feel lost and drifting in a futuristic urban dystopia.

After their friend Dorothea is killed by clients, Demon and Davi are shattered; their precarious reality abruptly broken. They direct their anger towards their pimp Ryu, beat the hell out of him and escape to London.

New city, new scene and Demon starts to question their existence but Ryu has tracked them down and has planned his revenge very carefully.

The movie is sexy and stylish with a hypnotic score by Michael Nyman.

There will be a Q&A after the screening.


described as an “intense experience filled with beautiful and disturbing images”, It certainly involves lots of people licking frogs. Come and make UP your own mind.