Venue: Curzon SOHO
Date: All Weekend
Time: various

in residence all weekend

The Jedi of Chat returns with his mic sabre.  It's time once again for the orange flying saucer to make its annual touchdown at the Curzon Soho Cinema. Talkaoke will be grounded downstairs in the recently

revamped Curzon with full intra-planetary connectivity. In other words, SCI-FI-LONDON’s Talkaoke sessions will be viewable from the web for
the very first time at www.talkaoke.com.

Check the timetable posted at the event each day for talking times and starting topics.

Once you have talkaoked you can never go back!

Sunday 1st Feb, 6.45pm at the Talkaoke table

Come along and see our embarrassing first award ceremony - in years to come you will lie and say you were there!

We also announce our Futureshock winners.

No Fear of Fandom
2-4pm daily

Paul Griggs from thecapitol.co.uk presents a selection of fan movies. Gathered from around the world we present fan movies from Dr Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and many other popularised shows.

The programme includes the Lego version of the Han Solo freezing scene from Empire Strikes Back, Kevin Rubio’s fantastic Star Wars/Cops crossover, Troops and the over the top Batman: Dead End.

Come and see some very funny homage and tribute films from some very scary fanboys…

Honestly you won’t be disappointed – but you may get asked your opinion.

all weekend

Join us for free screenings of our short film programme or request something from our selection.

The programme changes daily and includes fan movies, invited show reels and other little gems. Grab a coffee or a beer and chill out.

Watch TALKAOKE LIVE from the festival