Film Submissions:

Head of Programming
145 - 157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PY

If you want your film to be represented on SCI-FI-LONDON.TV simply drop us a copy on DVD and we can go from there.

We are planning to add movies on a regular basis and will take some off as we think we need to keep things fresh.

Also note that we like to put up some exclusive or limited run content, so if you have a DVD coming out of your movie but are worried about it going online, why not give us a low-res version to play for a few weeks - we can add a link to your sales website and flag up the benefits of buying the DVD - getting all those extras, high quality playback etc!

We do not pay fees for films or split any revenue we get from advertising, any money we make (and so far that = 0) will be plowed back into improving the website, upping our bandwidth and getting the best hosting.

We look forward to seeing your movie soon!