London Geek Girl Dinners

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We are delighted to welcome the London's Geek Girls Dinners to the festival.

Girl Geek Dinners, founded in 2005, now boasts 53 groups worldwide and eight in the UK. The group runs regular events as an opportunity for anyone who describes themselves as 'female, into technology, and a girl geek' to socialise and talk about technology in an informal environment.

The speakers at this event include:

Dr Rachel Armstrong, a qualified General Practitioner whose concern for patients disfigured by the scars of leprosy led her on a journey that questioned assumptions about what 'normal' human anatomy is, or indeed, whether there is anything 'natural' about us at all. Dr Armstrong will present a resumé of her adventures in practical Science Fiction over the last ten years, revealing a shocking portrait of human identity through the work of radical performance artists and leading to her current work that challenges notions of 'life' itself.

Men geeks are welcome if invited by a London Geek Girl.

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Thu 30th Apr
London Geek Girl Dinners