DGGB panel from SFL8

From left to right, Gerald McMorrow, Richard Jobson, Stuart Hazeldine, Cory McAbee and Marc Caro, photos by Chris Patmore
In the two most recent episodes of Reality Check, the Sci-Fi London podcast, we’re proud to present the audio from an hour long panel about “the problem of Science-Fiction filmmaking”, recorded at last year’s Sci-Fi London festival.

In part one – episode 2.25 – Alex Fitch talks to five eminent directors of low budget Science-Fiction cinema about their work.
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These include Gerald McMorrow (Franklyn), Richard Jobson (A Woman in Winter, The Purifyers), Stuart Hazeldine (Exam), Cory McAbee (The American Astronaut, Stingray Sam) and Marc Caro (co-director: Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children & director of Dante 01).

Stills from Franklyn, A woman in Winter, Exam, Stingray Sam and The City of Lost Children
Alex discusses with the panel issues of funding, location scouting and having a clear vision for you film as well as the directors’ paths to making their first movie.

Mr Caro’s translation was kindly performed by Virginie Selavy, the editor of Electric Sheep Magazine

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The panel discussion continues in our most recent podcast – episode 2.26 – in which the directors talks about issues of lighting and sound effects, plus the need to have crew members double up their roles on a production to save costs…

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