Big Screen

Indy’s back

Indiana Jones is back after a long break with a new adventure that is out of this world.

Second chances

La Antena is on limited release from May 16. Chemical Wedding from May 30. And watch the latest Dark Knight trailer.

Speed Racer

THE MATRIX directors go back to Japanese source material for their latest movie.

Iron Man

The IRON MAN movie is out on May 2 and it's rather good.

Getting physical

The Institute of Physics is putting the science into science fiction with a series of special screenings.

Coming Soon

New genre movies coming to a cinema near you before and after the Festival. Watch trailers.

10,000 BC

The SCI-FI-LONDON tribe despatches Matt Dillon to brave the wilds of the latest Roland Emmerich spectacular.


Action, drama, romance and teleportation. What more could you ask for?


The full-length version of the mystery trailer that preceded Transformers is out on February 1.