Dean Haglund (video)

We catch up with the X-Files and The Lone Gunmen actor during his X-Files Improv tour.

D B Shan (video)

SCI-FI-LONDON meets author D B Shan to talk about his novel, Procession of the Dead, about writing and turning books into films.

Neil Marshall (video)

SCI-FI-LONDON meets up with the director of THE DESCENT to talk about his latest movie DOOMSDAY.

Dan Glass

SCI-FI-LONDON talks to the visual effects supremo about working with the Wachowski brothers and their latest film, SPEED RACER.

Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle talks about his role in BBC thriller The Last Enemy

John Logan

Screenwriter John Logan talks about writing The Time Machine and Star Trek. MP3 audio interview.

John August

Writer-director John August talks to us about his new movie, THE NINES.