Writers talk

BLACKWELL and SCI-FI-LONDON present Mike Carey on October 25 in the final talk by leading genre writers. Win tickets and books.

Tad Stones

The Director and co-writer of HELLBOY: ANIMATED talks to us about how he got involved with Big Red.

John Landis (video)

John Landis was our special guest at SFL6. He's eloquent, opinionated and amusing. See him give his views on 300 and American Werewolf

Danny Boyle (video)

Director Danny Boyle speaks to SCI-FI-LONDON about his new film in this exclusive video.

Masi Oka & Santiago Cabrera

Two stars from the phenomenal new TV series Heroes were in the UK recently. We speak to them about their roles. Win a limited edition Heroes anorak.

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Sendhil is one of the stars of the fantastic new TV series Heroes, which starts on the SciFi Channel in February. Win a signed press pack.

Michael Caine & Hugh Jackman

Michael tells us his life is dull and Hugh tells us about being a failed party clown. They also tell us about magic and working on The Prestige.

Christopher Nolan

We talk to Chris Nolan, director of The Prestige, about obsessions, magicians, wizards and David Bowie.

Kevin Smith

Clerks director talks to us about his new movie, not growing up, Johnny Rotten reading poetry, Superman and he dishes the dirt on his actor friends. Win a CLERKS II screenplay.