Joss Whedon

Joss talks about the battle of Serenity. Warning: contains major spoilers.

George A Romero interview

Director George A Romero talks about his influences, working with zombies and what really scares him.

Dave McKean

Dave McKean, probably best known for his artistic collaborations with Neil Gaiman (Sandman), has directed his first feature film MirrorMask, a children's fantasy film, again working with Neil Gaiman. Dave talks to Sci-Fi-London about making this film.

Michael Chiklis

Sci-Fi-London learnt a thing or two about The Thing when we met Michael Chiklis at The Dorchester, before the premiere of Fantastic Four.

Jessica Alba

Sci-Fi-London was lucky enough to see the Invisible Woman before she disappeared for the London premiere of Fantastic Four.

Ioan Gruffudd

Sci-Fi-London got a chance to catch up with Mr Fantastic at The Dorchester prior to the premiere of Fantastic Four.