48 Hour Film Challenge



- Superkey

- Mr What When Where

- Water's Edge

- Superstring

- G.L.I.B

- Factory Farmed

- Until Further Notice

- Field of Light

- Dog's Tooth

- Noise Reduction

We will announce the 3 winners on Sunday 4th May at the screening, from 10.45am.

We hope this weekend to announce the full screening list. Films will be screened on one of these two confirmed dates Sat 26th April and Sun 4th May, from 10.45am

TEAMS: You should have received an email telling you when the screenings are. Please note that you can simply turn up but only 6 tickets per team (at the moment!)


To see what happened at the beginning and the end of the Challenge

Click here to see the Team names and the movie titles they got...


queing for 48
Outside the Apollo at 10.00 Saturday, the start of the 48hour challenge briefing - click here to see more on our Flickr group. Thanks to Billy (Cowfish) for the photo.

Use your creative circuits, wit and talent to make a short film and you could win some neat prizes, let alone kudos from our jury - headed by Hollywood legend JOHN LANDIS - the festival and of course our audience. Why? Well, winning films will be premiered at the festival! Our film challenge is FREE TO ENTER - well, it seems wrong to ask you for money, you will be working hard enough as it is!

Prizes include a Canon HV30 HiDef Camcorder, an Archos 705 WiFi Media recorder, £250 cash, Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 , Final Draft and subscriptions to FILM & FESTIVALS and MOVIESCOPE magazines - and memberships to SHOOTINGPEOPLE... nice huh! Oh and the SciFi Channel will be making a documentary about the whole event... interested? Then read on...

It's really easy. We'll give you a randomly generated film title, some dialogue and a prop/action list. You'll then have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a complete five minute film... hard work but fun!

IT IS FREE TO TAKE PART - you just need to have your own kit.

The Basic Rules:

At 10.30am sharp on Saturday 5 April 2008, you must attend the launch at the Apollo West End where you will be given your brief (you only need send one team member to collect it).

Participating teams then have just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short science fiction film to be no longer than five minutes including credits. You can be a team of one if you want but we recommend five or six people (Director, Lights, Sound, Editor, Runner, Camera etc).

You have until noon on Monday 7 April to create your short film and get it back to the Apollo West End. Just getting it there on time can be the biggest challenge. We suggest someone with reliable two wheel transport make that all important delivery!

Teams are accepted on a first come first served basis and remember, we do not give you any kit to shoot or edit your film.

Did we mention the jury?

  • JOHN LANDIS (An American Werewolf in London)
  • KEN JONES (SciFi Channel)
  • DAVE BRADLEY (SFX Magazine)
  • PHILIP ILSON (London Short Film Festival)
  • EMILY BOOTH (Evil Aliens)


All creativity must occur within the competition period: writing, rehearsing, shooting, editing, graphics, sound design, etc. Get your film to the Apollo by Noon and you're in the competition!

Teams are accepted on a first come, first served basis and remember we do not give you any kit to shoot or edit your film.

You will need to read the full rules and sign the relevant release forms, but in a nutshell:

  • All material must be created during the
    48 hour challenge period
  • All material must be free of any copyright claims (it's yours, you didn’t ‘borrow' it) - and you indemnify us against any claims
  • No materials will be returned so don't give us the only copy!
  • By entering you agree to give us worldwide rights to
    the film, forever and we can do what we like with it.
  • By taking part you agree to be filmed by the Sci-Fi Channel and your likeness used by them.
  • All films returned by Noon on Monday 7th April, no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes, copyright cleared and containing all the random elements issued on the previous Saturday are eligible for judging.
  • The judges decision is final -really, no arguments!
  • Use of a time machine or other similar instrument to stop the normal passage of time, giving you say 3 weeks to make a film in what seems like just a weekend to the rest of us - well, that is cheating and we won't stand for it - unless of course you use some kind of mind control and erase any knowledge of this rule or your cheating or the fact that the time machine was invented...

So... what are you waiting for? Fill in the form and get your feelers out and put a team together.

Registration is now closed.