Babeldom Test Screening

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Each year at the festival we focus on a film that is still in production and give the creative team behind it the chance to get some audience reactions.

Over the past few years we have supported movies like CAPTAIN EAGER, which came back to the festival when it was completed, for its world premiere screening. This festival it is the turn of London film-maker Paul Bush who is best known for experimental animated shorts.

His films, which include FURNITURE POETRY, DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE and WHILE DARWIN SLEEPS, have won numerous awards and spawned countless copycat commercials – a few of which he was lucky enough to direct himself. His work has been shown on television, in cinemas and art galleries all over the world.

Over the past few years he has been writing and developing feature films but after a frustrating time without getting anything into production he decided to make one independently – a solo project. The result, now half finished, is the film BABELDOM a ‘science fiction documentary’, a portrait of a future city, narrated by one of its citizens.

The twist is that all the images in the film come from architecture, science, technology and industry of the present day. The future is already here.

Join Paul, early on Saturday morning to hear his trials and tribulations, see the work-in-progress, talk about the project and how he plans to release and promote the completed movie.

Screening Times

Sat 3rd May

Whilst the event is free you need to call the box office and reserve a ticket.