Sci Fi London 2009 Trailer by SFLTV

Welcome to the 8th Annual London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film or SCI-FI-LONDON 8 as we like to be known.

It is 200 years since Darwin was born and 150 years since the publication of ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES and, in the spirit of evolution, this year sees the festival adapt.

We have created the SCI-FI-LONDON LAB as filmmakers often tell us that sci-fi is tough to make due to a perceived need for special effects or lack of credible stories. Well, to try and get people to consider new ways of telling stories, something with fewer FX shots, the LAB offers huge possibilities.

We bring in real scientists to talk about the current state of technology, space research, physics breakthroughs and more. Comic artists and leading genre writers will discuss their work and how to create plausible worlds in which to play out big ideas. In addition, filmmakers who make genre film talk about their journey.

Of course the LAB sits amidst a programme of the best science fiction and fantastic film from around the world.

This year is also International Year of Astronomy, and with the launch of KEPLER, the world-searching telescope, who knows what speculative fiction might appear? And don't forget that the Large Hadron Collider should start working properly too. Will 2009 become a zero point for finding alien life or establishing the mechanics for time travel? Who knows what humankind will be celebrating 150 years from now - in the meantime, let's watch some great movies!