Making Movies for (SM)all Screens

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What kind of content works best on broadband platforms? Web serials, television reruns, usergenerated, reality programming - why does so much of today's content seem... a bit juvenile? Where is the next generation of content for cinephiles, artists, and activists?

Cory McAbee, artist, musician and filmmaker has made feature films, pop videos and, recently for The Sundance Institute, was commissioned to make a film for a 2:2 ratio screen and delivered to mobile phones. His latest movie STINGRAY SAM was planned to be shown as a feature or delivered episodically. It was designed for multiple platforms, any sized screen and to exploit different monetary models. Join Cory and find out how he approaches making movies that work on a phone, pda, the web or in the cinema..

This panel discussion also features our own Richard Jobson creator of several UK feature films who will be showing his new work for Sony Ericcson; AM I DIGITAL.

We will also meet Dekker Dreyer and see some clips from his new series EMMISSARY.

Dekker is an award-winning filmmaker and television producer. He is founder of the US Video on Demand television network "Illusion", which showcases new and classic science fiction. Dekker has also served as segment producer for the AMC series "Sci-Fi Department", director of the Sprint mobile series "Potter's Field" and hosts the traveling film festival "Anime After Dark". His latest project is the upcoming series "Emissary" starring Philip Morris (Smallville), Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica), Brian Thompson (X-Files) and others.

Screening Times

Sat 2nd May