Klatch Events

As part of the SCI-FI-LONDON labs we are happy to host 'coffee Klatchs' with a few of the filmmakers and authors that are attending the festival.

These are small, informal gatherings, no more than a dozen people, where fans, admirers, budding writers and directors, or anyone else for that matter, get to spend an hour or so chatting with like minded others in the company of someone who can give them really informed insight into the work they do.

We're happy to make these small gatherings FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who attends but the catch is that, because numbers are very limited, they are first-come, first-served. The list of these exclusive events is below but you should act fast if you want the chance to attend any of them by filling in the form below.

These times/events are subject to change, keep the checking the website for details.


  • 12.30 Pat Cadigan
  • 14.00 Richard Jobson (dggb workshop)
  • 16.00 Robert Rankin
  • 18.00 Comic Art


  • 12.00 Charlie Stross
  • 14.30 Joe Abercrombie


  • 13.00 Mark Charan-Newton
  • 16.00 Adrian Tchaikovsky