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This new feature for the festival showcases a particular country's contribution to the world of science fiction.

The fundamental SF question is 'what if?', posed throughout the world, in different cultures and languages. This year we examine what are the 'what ifs' being explored currently in Israel and look at some unique responses on film.

Presented by Uri Aviv, director of ICON, the Annual Israeli Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-playing. Aviv has for the past 12 years been managing conventions and consulting film distributors, spublishers, media groups and other organisations on SF film, the SF industry and the SF community.

Films screened include:

Timecatcher (2007), Amit Saragosi (5 min)

Produced as part of the Tel-Aviv 48 Hour Film Project, 2007

Won International Awards for Best Film, Script, Director & Editor at the 2007 edition of the 48 Hour Film project

A man is standing on the railway platform, waiting. This man knows the exact moment of his death. He does not know how, but he knows when. Awarded Best Film, Best Directing and Best Writing at the 2007 international 48-hour film project awards.

Touch of Death (2008), Eitan Gafni & Jonathan Geva (8 Min)

Produced as part of the Tel-Aviv 48 Hour Film Project, 2008

Won Israeli Audience Choice Award at the 2008 edition of the 48 Hour Film project

Death wants to be unemployed.

War of Salvation (2008), Ittai Meyer (18 min)

Produced at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Israel

Jerusalem, 2022. The Jewish nation is at war, Led by a Messianic Warlord, striving to raise a new kingdom of Israel. 3 art Students are forcibly recruited by a party official who wishes to make use of their talent.

Zooid (2008), Daniel Fallik, (4 Min)

Produced at the Sapir College Film & Television School

A young man wakes up from his sleep in his bed, and finds himself in the heart of an open field.

Another Year (2008), Naomi Wiener (15 min)

Won Best Short Film at the Rotem Moria Fund Competition 2008, Presented at the ICON 2008 International Festival for Science Fiction and Fantasy Film

7 year old Idan has a mission. With aid from his mother he wants to help his father out of his depression. Can they understand in time what must be done? Can they let him go? Awarded best short film at the Rotem Moria fund competition of the ICON International fantastic film festival 2008.

Embryology (2007), Shachar Freddy Kislev (17 min)

A young pregnant woman is terrorized by her unborn embryo.

Circuit (2007), Tsachy Biner, (10 Min)

Produced at the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education

Set in a futuristic industrialized urban environment. A sophisticated bomb-defusing robot in the service of human police is caught in a circle of events which will eventually make him become the exact thing he was built to protect from.

Screening Times

Sun 3rd May



In conjunction with the British Council of Arts in Israel and as part of BI-ARTS and the British-Israeli Arts Training Scheme