Dystopia - Are We Doomed ?

Dystopia - Are We Doomed ? Main Image

Apocalyptic scenarios dominate science fiction cinema today. Is our fearful attitude to the future different to the cold-war terrors of the fifties?

What fuels our sense of doom, and is it justified by reality?

Speakers include:

Timandra Harknes Writer, comedian and explorer of humanist issues

Jon Goodbun Multitalented academic and Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster who is known for his attempt to theorize the links between modern digital environments, mass communications, ideas of ecology, and Marxist analysis

Steve Fuller Controversial philosopher and sociologist in the field of science and technology studies.

Josie Appleton Writer and convenor of the Manifesto Club

Presented in association with The Battle of Ideas www.battleofideas.org.uk

Screening Times

Sun 3rd May